Friday, April 07, 2006

Update from Beyond!

I thought I should write a little update, since its been a while and a few people have actually written to comment. David saw V for Vendetta and wants to know what I thought, but... I haven't seen it yet. Meagan, a while back, wanted to know what I thought of Paul Pope's Batman project (Batman: Year 100). It looks gorgeous, and promises to be really cool, but... I haven't read it yet.

Sounds like I'm not fan enough for the role of 'comics blogger.'

Lately I've been enjoying Nextwave #3 and All-Star Superman #3, so far the best issue of the storyline. I also got a couple minicomics, while I was at Chicago Comics on the north side. I've been working through a couple volumes of Essential Marvel: Fantastic Four and Avengers. Reading the Essential Fantastic Four and Essential Avengers books is a challenge, if only for their sheer phone-book girth. Fantastic Four is better by far, in consistency, quality, and tone, But it's not the one I've been reading the most. After reading a few issues of FF, I've committed myself more to the Avengers book. It's interesting, because Roy Thomas is one of the first fan-writers, a guy who came up loving the comics and characters as a kid and wrote them for that reason. And despite all the childishness of the plots and conversations, he almost seems to be aiming for a teen to twenties audience. Fantastic Four, by comparison, definitely has the flavor of boy's adventure stories, similar in a way, to the Tintin comics of Herge.

I've also been geeking out to an awesome graffiti magazine I got at Tower books on Wabash in Chicago. Shout out to Artillery from down under!


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