Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Links for March 1st

Megatokyo moves to DC
What successful comic is part of both the webcomics trend, and the OEL manga trend? Megatokyo.

Steven Grant on Speakeasy
Good analysis for anyone interested in the business of comics (creators, editors, publishers, and aspiring pros) Steven Grant examines the closing of Speakeasy comics.

NYC Comic Con
Chris Butcher has some insightful comments on manga, and a refreshing report on the New York Comic Convention.

Viz announces that they are publishing a three volume manga of Train_Man, which started as the first novel created from online chat transcripts. It's about an Otaku (nerd) who rescues a girl from an obnoxious drunk on the train, and the romance that follows. Its been turned into a TV show AND a featurre film, and has been made into FOUR different mangas.

Foreign Comics Fun
Comics Should be Good reviews one of the buried treasures on my book shelf, The classic Euro science-fiction comic Valerian.


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