Friday, January 27, 2006

As I much as I'd like to write something amazingly profound, I'm feeling much more a fan than a reader today. So... apropos of nothing, here are my top ten costumes for the big 3, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. I'm gonna cheat when it comes to Wonder Woman, but hey, why not. These are called comic books, after all.


1) Grey and Black Costume
(The classic one...)
2) All Black costume
(long ears and huge cape.)
3) Black Costume with Red Chest-logo.
[Batman: Thrillkiller]
4) Blue-Gold-Grey
(Knightfall Batman, aka Azrael-Batman.)
5) Victorian Overcoat Costume.
[Mike Mignola's Gotham by Gaslight]
6) Batman Beyond
7) Batman as Man-Bat
8) Frank Miller Batman
(the original one.)
9) Kingdom Come robo-suit.
10) Spawn.


1) Red Cape-Blue Tights-Red Trunks Superman
(it's classic!)
2) Communist Superman [Superman: Red Son]
(all that red never looked so good! )
3)Hunter Prey Superman
4) 90s Superman Blue
5) Evil Kirby Superman
[Superman, The Dark Side]
6) Silver Age Superman Blue
(simple yet gorgeous)
7) Fleischer Superman -1940s toon design.
(also simple yet gorgeous)
8) Christopher Reeves
(well, duh!)
9) Dean Trippe's Superboy
(personal sketch)
10) Kingdom Come Superman

Wonder Woman

1) Black Red and Gray [Superman: Red Sun]
2) Red, White and Blue: The Classic
3) Full Amazon Regalia -Wolfman/Perez/Bolland Era
4) Promethea [best_costume_ever] Alan Moore &co.
5) Kingdom Come battle armor
6) all-white suit from Planetary
7) plainclothes mod costume ca. mid-70s
8) WW with full skirt (the original version)
9) WW with (ugh.) biker shorts
10) Just Imagine Stan Lee WW (Jim Lee Design)

geekout approaching maximum levels...


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