Monday, March 13, 2006

This just in: Comics Change!

I've been reading comics from widely different eras, just in the last week. I've been reading current American comics (see my last post), current Japanese Comics (Nodame Cantabile, natch), and Early 70s American Comics. The Early 70s stuff is the House of Mystery reprint volume, which not only reprints the original stories that series had in 1968-71, but also double reprints, some dating back to 1958! What have I noticed? Though comics don't seem to change much in terms of story or genre, (or at least change very slowly) the aesthetic changes are HUGE!! By examining the nuts and bolts of the form, you see that not only do the drawing styles change, all the storytelling and design choices can, and ususally DO change, just within the space of a few years!


Maybe I'll have to do some analysis and tell exactly what I've noticed in a future post. Blogging aint no picnic, lady!


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